LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries. New web page.

A new structure and design which embraces the full spectrum of the objectives of LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial was conceived to create an access and service oriented information platform.

Published: Jan 08, 2008

Nine months after its inauguration, LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial has redesigned its web page, making it more accessible and open to visitor participation than ever before. The new web portal of the LABoral Art Centre will make the ‘site’ Spain’s foremost space for dialogue and communication in the field of art and industrial creation. Its new design and functionality will place it in the vanguard of innovation on the Internet.


The contract to develop the web page was awarded by public bid to the Asturian company Vorago. The web page was already operative by February of last year – a month before the Centre opened its doors to the public – and has now been completely modified. Its design, its information architecture and the functionality of its technological applications have all been updated. The new web page features an innovative and modern content manager, ‘Voranet cms,’ that effectively integrates blog, podcast, tag and community modules together.

Though the new portal is based on the pre-existing contents of LABoral’s initial web page, its new structure will allow the user to access that information far more easily, matching strict criteria of usability and functionality, developed entirely according to the standards of open source code. New sections will also be included, strengthening communication with its users, encouraging participation and interaction in the exacting world of art linked to new technology and industrial creation. In this way, an even greater number of artists, critics, curators and inquisitive enthusiasts are meant to be involved in the activities organised by LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial.




Since its inauguration, the Centre has been very positively received by the public. In response, it was considered appropriate that LABoral make an even greater effort towards consolidation while venturing forth into new domains. The creation of the new web portal is consonant with the numerous initiatives that have been undertaken for this purpose; they all provide greater resources for bringing the Art and Industrial Creation Centre closer to visitors as well as artists.


One of the main characteristics of the new web site is a complete remodelling of its information architecture, increasing its usability and facilitating information retrieval. Because the Centre aspires to open itself up and engage with new visitors, it is essential that navigation of its web page and the access it provides to information be straightforward and manageable. It is for this reason that we have redesigned the site’s entirestructure, while making the most of the abundant, premium content that the former version of the site had already made available.


Given the special character of the Centre, significant effort has been invested in the graphic design of the new web portal. Vorago has opted for simplicity and clarity, venturing on a design that is consistent with the latest tendency of the world-wide web: expediting access to information. That is, the design is not an end in itself but a powerful tool that will strengthen and promote the new web page’s many features. Furthermore, this undertaking has afforded us an opportunity to bring the site’s technology completely up to date so that it will now match the standards set by the Internet’s current state of development.

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