Menhir, by Coco Moya and Iván Cebrián, wins Premio LABjoven_Los Bragales

The project combines music, visual art and Arduino and it will be showcased at LABoral starting September 16

Published: May 29, 2015
Menhir, by Coco Moya and Iván Cebrián, wins  Premio LABjoven_Los Bragales

Project Menhir, música para activar el territorio, in the Valle de Curueño, León. Photo: Courtesy of the artists

The Asturian artist Coco Moya and the musician from Cuenca Iván Cebrián have won the Premio LABjoven_Los Bragales with Menhir, a project that combines music, visual arts and freeware-based technologies. Both artists will develop their work during a two-month production residency at LABoral, as a previous step to its exhibition at the Galería de Proyectos of the Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial from September 16, 2015 to January 17, 2016.

Menhir will be an interactive audiovisual installation that will consist of coal pieces scattered around the floor of the exhibition venue as a musical instrument. Visitors will walk through them, touching them to activate the sounds.

Addressed to Asturian artists under 40, Premio LABjoven_Los Bragales call takes over the philosophy of one of the most consolidated production programmes of the Art Centre: LABjoven_Experimenta. During six editions this programme has given emerging Asturian artists the opportunity to take advantage of LABoral and its resources as a platform for execution and dissemination of ambitious artistic projects. This year, LABoral has been able to recover this initiative with the support of Colección Los Bragales, owned by the Cantabrian entrepreneur Sordo. LABjoven_LosBragalestakes over this willingness to support and boost the artistic scene by calling an annual award, funded with 9.500 Euros that are to be devoted to producing an experimental artistic project (audiovisual or multimedia installations) designed specifically for its exhibition at the Project Gallery of LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial.

Coco Moya and Iván Cebrián start from the sound and visual exploration of the landscape that, under the title Menhir, música para activar el territorio, they developed at the Valley of Curueño, León. Their hikes through the mountain, and the effort it implies, as well as the field recordings resulted in an electronic music and voice piece that they presented at Galería Cruce, Madrid, and then at the School of Fine Arts of Universidad Complutense de Madrid,

The installation they will present at LABoral is an evolution of that project and, besides the use of the field recordings they will take during their residency, it will include a 360º loop video showing fixed-camera images taken from the summit of an Asturian mountain. Coal, as a symbol of the Asturian and Leonese enables them to carry on with a research that aims to “make the technological experience physical and link again the collective and ritual side of music with the environment”.

The jury that selected this project was made up by Jaime Sordo, President of the Association of Private Collectors and owner of Los Bragales; Benjamin Weil, Artistic Director of Centro Botín; Alicia Ventura, Managing Director at Arte Ventura, Valencia and Advisor of Colección DKV Seguros Médicos; Pilar Lafita, Programming Director of  Fundación Municipal de Cultura, Educación y Universidad Popular de Gijón; and Patricia Villanueva Illanes, Responsible of Exhibitions at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial. They valued the artistic and cultural value of the proposal, its suitability to the specific space, as well as the use of the resources of Plataforma 0 Centro de Producción and the activities proposed by the artists in the framework of the project.

In addition, once the work is being showcased in the hall of LABoral, both artists will conduct a workshop where participants will carry out during four days a composition-performance based on the elements of Menhir that will then be presented to the public.

Coco Moya (Gijón, 1982) is a graduate in Fine Arts by Universidad Complutense de Madrid and she has completed a Masters Course on Art and Research. She is currently enjoying and internship at the Department of Culture at the School of Fine Arts of that same university. Her work has been showcased in collective exhibitions such as Hacer de las Ttripas tripis, 2015, Bellas Artes, Oporto;, 2015, BBAA, UCM; EAV, 2013, Museo de Artes Decorativas, Viana; Arte Sonoro y Música 13, 2012, Nau Coclea, Gerona; or Analogic Magic Project, 2011, BaumanLab, Tarrasa, among others.

Iván Cebrián (Cuenca, 1980) is a musician who composes and creates sound spaces for contemporary dance companies and, at the same time that he develops his own record production, he also produces other musicians. A graduate in Psychology by UNED, he has completed an undergraduate programme at Universidad de Alcalá de Henares. Some of his publications and awards are the following: Luces y Sombras, 2010; The Moon and the Tree, 2013; Winter/Retwin, 2014; First Prize of Certamen Jóvenes Creadores, 2013, Madrid, compañía Zukdance; Jury Award at Certamen De una pieza, 2013, at Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, compañía Zukdance; and First Prize at Certamen Coreográfico de Tetuán 2015, Madrid, compañía Carmen Fumero.

Colección Los Bragales is a private contemporary art collection aimed at showing, educating and providing artistic training by means of exhibitions and educational programmes. An initiative of the Cantabrian entrepreneur Jaime Sordo, Chairman of Asociación de Coleccionistas Privados de Arte Contemporáneo 9915, this collection supports artists –mainly those working in new creation- through activities of art patronage, thus helping to discover new values and artistic expressions of the current art.

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