Héctor Sandoval shows 'Paradigma' at the Sound LAB

The installation will be on show at the Art Centre until April 19

Published: Mar 05, 2015
Héctor Sandoval shows 'Paradigma' at the Sound LAB

The artist at his installation at LABoral which reproduces an atmosphere similar to any techno-club in the world. Photo: LABoral/ S. Redruello

After twenty years and more than one hundred recording works released, Héctor Sandoval (Komatssu and fifty per cent of Exium) creates a new project called Tensal. Tensal is his artistic name, as well as the label he has created to host most of this new material oriented to a more cyclic and modern techno, based on lines of classical synths. Two different views of underground techno merged in one single project that, for its first launches, includes the collaboration of some of the most prestigious techno underground DJs of the world.

During his residency at LABoral, Héctor Sandoval will explore the experimentation potential of club music in an installation proposal (multi-channel audio, space resonances) based on Paradigma, a composition created specifically for its presentation at LABoral with the purpose of exploring the acoustic properties of the Sound LAB.

The result of his work, that will be shown from Thursday 5 March till 19 April, is Paradigmaa two-stage piece. The first one is the composition of a techno underground sound fragment made up by four interconnected five-minute movements.

The installation aims to reproduce an atmosphere similar to any technoclub in the world in a moment of leisure and entertainment, and to recreate an environment similar to an underground club for the public to interact with it in a different social context.

In the second stage, the artist will use the resulting tracks to create an album that will be released after summer. This recording will be internationally distributed and will be available both in vinyl and digital download, for Djs around the world. This way, Paradigma will travel from LABoral to the dance floors of different clubs around the world: From Gijón to Tokio,Los Angeles,Buenos Aires,Moscow, among other places.

Dates: 05.03.05 - 19.04.2015
Production: LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial
Acknowledgments: Fium
Venue: SoundLAB


Tensal is the solo project of Héctor Sandoval oriented to the most cyclic and metal techno. It was created in 2014 with a first trilogy of releases called A, B and C. Designed exclusively for the dance floor. In 2015 he continues with the first release of his second trilogy, Dogma, in addition to the release of the EP with the label from Berlin Future Initiation Rituals and the future launch of another EP with the English label Children of Tomorrow.

Héctor Sandoval began his career as a Techno Dj in the early 1990s in small clubs of Asturias and he quickly became resident Dj at clubs like Rocamar (Gijón) or La Real(Oviedo). In parallel he developed a career as a producer and he started to work with machines until he released his first album in 1999 under the alias Exium (a joint project with ValentínCorujo).

Exium was born as a project devoted to the most noise and industrial techno. With the name they have recorded for the most significant labels at national and international level (Warm Up,Zet records,Detroit Underground,Planet Rhythm,etc...). In 2014 they created their own label, Nheoma, where they have released works with artists like Óscar Mulero,Innigo Kennedy,JeroenSearch,Jonas Kopp,Reeko,Developer or Pfirter, among others. Thanks to the impact of these works they perform throughout Spain and subsequently in countries like France, United Kingdom, The Neederlands, Germany, Irland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, Croatia, Lithuania,Italy, Poland and Portugal, where they frequently perform at clubs like Tresor,Bergain,Doornrosje or festivals like Awakenings.

They expand their musical register and Djs as widely disparate as Laurent Garnier or Aphex Twin play their productions. Over the years their music has been influenced by other sounds closer to IDM,Electro,Glitch or the most classical Detroit Techno.

In 2010 Exium creates the platform Polegroup with the most representative Spanish techno artists like Óscar Mulero, Reeko and Christian Wunsch, which was acclaimed by critics and audiences. After more than one hundred albums released they present their first LP at Nheoma in 2011 called Roots Of Time. Then they release a second long play in 2013 for Polegroup: A Sensible  Alternative to Emotion.

At the same time, Héctor Sandoval creates in 2006 his project called Komatssu, orientaded to I.D.M and the most avant-garde electronics and, after several EPs in several labels, in 2013 he presents at L.E.V. Festival El Poso Que Da El Tiempo, his first LP released in vinyl and designed by Atelier Olchinsky. Under this alias he also develops several projects with the collective Fiumfoto and musicians like Ramón Prada. In 2015 he remixes the Asturian LCC in the Rmxs EP of his album for para Editions Mego.

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