Fundación LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries, approves the opening programme

Board of trustees approves admission fees (€5) and announcement for three new posts for the centre

Published: Mar 05, 2007

In a meeting held today, the Board of Trustees of LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries approved the opening programme for the Centre, whose official opening is due on 30th March. For Rosina Gómez-Baeza, director of the Centre, the programme showcases its strategic lines based on two main axes of activity: Visual Arts and Industrial Creation, through four major exhibitions: Feedback, Gameworld, Cyberspaces and Extensions-Anchors.


Feedbackproposes a narrative between new art creation using technology and its artistic and historical legacy. The show will survey the progress made to up to the present. Gameworld looks at videogames as a design experience and a driving cultural force. The exhibition features a selection of veteran games known for the innovative design and artworks reflecting the influence of videogames in modern life. Cyberspaces is an initiative of the Projects Office, conceived as an open invitation to reflect on the existing connections between art, technology and industry. The ten selected works share the common goal of dealing with the virtual fact beyond the simple use of Internet as a tool. With the exhibition Extensions-Anchors LABoral ?extends? beyond its headquarters in Gijon in search of a greater commitment with artists from Asturias. Through it, LABoral wishes to demonstrate its desire for a presence, for integration and a free-flowing dialogue with society. The exhibition will be developed in two phases in fourteen locations throughout Asturias, and will create new art circuits outside the usual venues in big cities and towns.


The LABoral opening programme also includes training programmes, workshops and other activities. In the field of theory, José Luis Brea will moderate a series of lectures on ?The E-image Age?, with international experts analysing the scope and impact of electronic image in our present-day society. It also includes the LEV Festival, a show of art and electronic music, expressly conceived for the Centre for Art and Creative Industries by the Fiumfoto art team, plus LED Throwies, a workshop targeting younger audiences.



Friends and fees

Convened by the director, the Board of Trustees met for the first time at the LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries to approve the admission fares. The standard rate was sat at €5, with reduced fees of €2 for students, over 65s and unemployed. Admission is free every Wednesday, as well as on 18th May, International Museum Day.


The LABoral Amigos Association was also founded as a means to support the Centre. The Amigos Association has five categories of membership: Student Membership, Artist Membership, Regular Membership, Collaborating Membership, and Corporate Membership. All of them have different types of advantages including free access to the Centre.


The Board of Trustees also announced three additional posts for the LABoral staff: Financial Secretary for Resources and Accounts; Head of the Technical Department; and Head of General Services, Customer Attention and Maintenance. All posts will be chosen in a public selection process, similarly to the Chief Curator, Assistant Curator, Head of Educational Dept, Head of Archives, Media Library and Projects Office, Head of Press, Communication, Publications and PR.

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Rosina Gómez-Baeza directs this new space due to open on 30th march

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