LABoral hosts this Saturday, February 21, the Black Mirror Festival

Sara Galán, Territoire and Elle Belga will take part in this showcase of the new audiovisual trends

Published: Feb 19, 2015
LABoral hosts this Saturday, February 21, the Black Mirror Festival

Sara Galán. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

LABoral will host on Saturday, February 21, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., the Black Mirror Festival, an artistic event with the participation of Sara Galán, Elle Belga y Territoire. Black Mirror Festival was created in October 2013 with the purpose of amplifying the new audiovisual trends and it showcases the new musical sensitivities that are developing around the world and, in particular, those generated in Asturias.

Its essence translates in a free-entrance festival that shows the new expressive forms, both visual and sound ones, and its live performance. These are projects that combine avant-garde scenic proposals with performance of experimental audio; space interventions; audiovisual happenings based on the new technologies.

Live performances enable to merge the work of sound and visual artists in all their dimensions that complement each other and establish an interesting dialogue. The programme of the festival, which includes national and local artists, is the ideal forum for fostering new collaborations and exchanging experiences both at personal and artistic level that are enriching for all parts.

After a first edition, in October 2013, at the church of Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura, the Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial will host this new edition of the Black Mirror Festival, with a bill made up by Sara Galán, Alfe and Elle Belga. The festival, produced by LABoral, is part of the annual programme of concert series fostered by the Sound LAB of the Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial.

A cycle called Trashumancias will take place parallel to Black Mirror with the purpose of exporting the model of the festival to other creation centres outside Asturias, thus fostering a new contemporary art flow between regions.

Production: LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial
Organisation: Javier Bejarano
Black Mirror Festival 2013:


TERRITOIRE is the new project of Olivier Arson who, after his first álbum as The Folding and the point, detaches from ambient to produce a more narrative work thanks to the collaboration of 13 musicians and singers. In terms of sound, drums, silence and voices were its points of departures, and based on this, he started to invite other musicians. The boys of McEnroe, a band where he is also a member, Abel Hernández, as co-producer, Miren Iza (Tulsa), Maite Arroitajauregi (Mursego), Angel Mancebo (Ann Deveria), Edu Comelles and Sara Galán (Cello + Laptop), Javier Montserrat (Montserrat, El Hijo), Greg Gobel (Tripulante and Cruzero) and Miguel Marín (Arbol) have joined this artist from Paris in this new adventure that, after three years of obsessive works, finishes with the premier of Mandorle.

Sara Galán is a gradúate in fine arts, MA in creation and Research by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, MA in Visual and Multimedia Arts by Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and musical studies at the chair of cello. She is currently involved in several art projects, individual and collective, that combine sound and scenic arts.

As a musician her experimental research focuses on discovering new ways for sound creation through the improvisation and the new media. Her works have been released by labes and netlabels such as Audiotalaia (Spain) or LOUD! Label (Italy), Envelope Collective (Spain) or RRS Museo Reina Sofía. She has taken part in festivals in Madrid, Bristol, London, Roma, Valencia, Granada or Barcelona, performing live her personal project Cello + Laptop, in collaboration with Edu Comelles, with whom she also performed at Barcelona Sonar Festival 2013.

Elle Belga
Following his career as guitarist and voice of Manta Ray and Viva Las Vegas, José Luis García continues writing songs. In 2008, with Fany Álvarez, some of these songs include words. This collaboration is the origin of Elle Belga.

“Everything that we do may be whistled”. This statement of intentions is the beginning of 1971 (Acuarela 2009), the first work of Elle Belga. The support of this album sung in Spanish are the melodies and the voices, warm and luminous, although subtly anticipating that there will be a subsequent path, more “uncomfortable” and dark.

In 1507 segundos prestados, Elle Belga pays homage to Paco Ibáñez or Joan Manuel Serrat. Although it is based mainly on voices, as their hallmark, the guiding thread is actually the atmosphere that surrounds the album. Refugio is the name of the third album, released by Gran Derby Records, it is the conclusion of what could be glimpsed. The rhythmical base and the guitars are recorded live and the melody, which is still the keystone of the composition, is dressed with the samplers that work as any other instrument. They use unsettling sounds and lyrics of moving serenity, they enter into a fictitious and rather disturbing rest

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