22 proposals by Asturian residents will be shown at LABoral in the video-installation by Eugenio Ampudia 'Sell Yourself'

The project is the result of the call for proposals launched by the Art Centre aimed at promoting initiatives by Asturian citizens which bring new opportunities to the rest of the region

Published: Sep 13, 2011
22 proposals by Asturian residents will be shown at LABoral in the video-installation by Eugenio Ampudia 'Sell Yourself'

A moment of the recording of the 22 video capsules filmed during last week, with Patos Salvajes

Starting on Thursday 22 September the lobby of LABshop at the Centre of Art and Industrial Creation will host the video installation Véndete tú [Sell Yourself], created by the artist Eugenio Ampudia in which the selected proposals in this call launched by LABoral will be displayed on an array of screens.

Véndete tú is an action which, in order for it to be implemented, LABoral issued a call aimed at creative and dynamic entrepreneurs willing to share their proposals, skills and ideas, and also seeking promotion and visibility. Open to people of all types, ready to present any kind of work, business or project, the selected initiatives are very varied –ranging from the development of a tea plantation in the Asturian brañas, or mountain meadows, to a lady wishing to promote her condom shop-. All of them share the common characteristics of being genuine, open and imaginative, and of originating from people of all ages and backgrounds, as explained by artist Eugenio Ampudia, who additionally emphasized that they are related more to real life than to art.

The installation will show the 22 video capsules filmed during last week by Eugenio Ampudia and the audiovisual team at LABoral. In these, the people responsible for the selected projects outline what they aim to accomplish and the potential their initiative has for bringing new ideas to the society in which they live. Véndete tú intends to highlight and introduce into the space at the LABoral Art Centre proposals and strategies devised by the citizens of Asturias which contribute to the opening up of new opportunities for the rest of the region as well as encourage an exchange of ideas and knowledge in the context of an Art Centre. It fully links up with, in this way, its condition of being a Centre of Industrial Creation, revindicating the concept store model (a shop whose objects are related to each other based on a theme) and shows LABoral’s interest in researching new ideas which originate from the community, and which, according to Eugenio Ampudia, “we are really in need of nowadays”.

The installation and the proposals it includes also looks forward to the entrepreneurs taking part and being key in their promotion. For this reason, LABoral launched a call for people interested in making their projects reality and, in particular, that the public participate in this exchange in which, as said by Ampudia, “everybody should feel implicated”.

The projects

Patos Salvajes. Intends to encourage volunteering among young people and support the social integration of youngsters with special needs

Alessandro Bacer. Looks for domestic care services for all those people who need help in managing data communications.

Ana Serna Aguirre. Examines reactions to her improvisation in dance technique on the sea shore.

AsturFlashMob. His goal is to present his association and its next flashmob in Asturias. Flashmob is an organised action where a group of people suddenly assemble in a public place, perform an unusual act and then rapidly disperse.

Brezo Rubín. Project on video and poetry open to participation that puts people in touch with a poem, inviting them to recite it and to experience it.

Cecilia Álvarez-Hevia. Online vintage clothes shop.

Ester Roldán. Offers her services as an architect, broadening the range usually attributed to her profession, stemming from her desire to contribute towards designing cities which are more human, more functional and, also, more beautiful.

Isabel García. Her objective is to promote those small businesses in Gijón that not only offer what is expected of them, but also encourage other types of social, recreational and meeting-point activities, such as small concerts, local artist exhibitions, couch surfing, book exchanging…

Ismael Fernández. Online culture magazine, published with articles and contents from a wide range of sources, using different techniques and very diversely inspired by a personal vision.

Jorge Morueco. Wishes to promote an organic-production tea plantation (Camellia Sinensis) in the Asturian brañas [high mountain meadows] and hills.

José Fernández Martínez. Memorial book recording personal experiences and exploring socially-oriented pathways, in particular, towards people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, by collecting their memories and life stories.

Juan Álvarez Hevia Iglesias. Audiovisual report promoting alpine skiing in Asturias.

Laura González Pérez. Inclusion of magnets in packs of cards in order to prevent them from being blown away by the wind.

Melania Fraga. Project on interviews with Asturian women with the aim of pouring onto the Net content which, out of the simplicity in daily life, shows the ability of Asturian women as agents of change in their communities.

Michel Coviella. Presentation of local livestock organic farming. (Guide, breeding and care).

Mikha-ez. Project aimed at moving a number of works (happenings and performance) all over Spain.

Pelayo. Guided visits around Gijón’s neighbourhoods, placing at the disposal of its inhabitants a tool that we can all use to improve our immediate surroundings.

Preservi Gijón. Presents her condom and sexual information shop, offering a service aimed at innovating and opening a door on sexual well-being in a safe way.

Raúl Fernández. Recycling, repairing, rebuilding new products using other old ones, in collaboration with fabLAB, aiming to create a standard dynamo to make the most of human energy given off in gyms.

Raúl Ramos. Offers his knowledge expertise and services for entrepreneurs to put into practice "a pool of ideas and creative people".

Sole, Antonia and Oliva. These residents from the Santa Bárbara neighbourhood seek to spread knowledge on their crafts.

Tino Caballero. Intends to create a National Association of Ecological Gastronomy, which will also include the figure of the eco-chef – the environmentally-aware cook.


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