“Made in Asturias” video at LABoral shows the works in extensions-anchors

Visitors to the centre can see the interventions created by the seven artists in Extensions-Anchors scattered through the whole of Asturias in a video.

Published: May 24, 2007

LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries will physically feature the works by the seven artists taking part in the opening show Extensions-Anchors. It does so by means of a video made and produced by LABoral, in which the artists explain the creative process leading to the materialisation of their proposals. Created by the Fiumfoto group, the video is on view at the LABoral from Thursday 24th in various spaces of the Centre.


Extensions-Anchors is part of the opening programme of the Centre, and includes seven site-specific works produced by the LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries. The works are located in six spots scattered throughout Asturias:


- MAITE CENTOL. Villaviciosa. Fundación José Cardín and Church of San Juan de Amandi.

- NATALIA PASTOR. Grado. Chapel of Los Dolores.

- AVELINO SALA . Luanco. Maritime Museum and Church of Santa María.

- ADOLFO MANZANO. Pravia. Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

- PABLO ARMESTO. Covadonga. Parque del Príncipe.

- JUAN CARLOS MARTINEZ. Luanco. Traffic roundabout.

- CUCO SUAREZ. Langreo. Polígono de Valnalón.


The concept for this exhibition, curated by the local art critic and historian Francisco Crabiffosse, is based on a changing feedback process. Thus, this initial idea of expanding the Art Centre outside its headquarters in Gijon to involve local artists and show its engagement with the region, is taken a step further by bringing the artists into the Art Centre without removing their pieces from the sites for which they were created. This continues the spirit of a project which wants to strengthen the bonds between LABoral and its immediate environs and to encourage new audiences for art.


The second phase of the exhibition opens on 1st July, and will include the intervention of another seven artists. Again, the chosen locations in the region are outside traditional conurbations and art circuits, manifesting LABoral?s desire to maintain a presence in, and an open free-flowing dialogue with, its area of influence.




- Aurora Suárez Moreno

- Fernando Redruello

- Dionisio González

- Soledad Córdoba

- Chechu Álava & Juan Fernández

- Carlos Coronas

- Paco Cao

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