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Gema Ramos

Gema  Ramos

Born in Asturias, 1969

Marianna Nieddu

Marianna  Nieddu

She focuses on new techniques, materials and intersection between sculpture and engraving.

Chris Sugrue

Artist and interactive media programmer.

Juan José Pulgar

Juan José  Pulgar

Born in Gijón, 1971

Marco Recuero

Marco  Recuero

As a designer and illustrator, Marco Recuero, stared working for Australian Blonde or Penélope Trip. His projects include: Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón, Teatro Jovellanos de Gijón, ...

Andy Huntington

Lives in the United Kingdom



Live and work in the United Kingdom


Born in Switzerland in 1977

Daniel Palacios

Born in Spain, 1981

David Letellier

Born in France in 1978

Pascal Broccolichi

Lives and works in France

Luca Carrubba

Luca Carrubba

Artist, digital craftman, educator and independent researcher.

Ryoji Ikeda

Born in 1966 in Gifu, Japan. Lives and works in Paris, France

Carlos Padial

Carlos  Padial

Visual artisand, currently working on open source tools.

Miriam Ruiz

Industrial engineer and Debian developer

Mike Mariconda

Mike  Mariconda

New York. He now lives in Gijón.

longo + roldán

longo + roldán

Architecture Studio Antúnez

(Moià, Barcelona, 1959) Lives in Barcelona

Intact Project

Interface for Telesharing Action

SENSEable City Lab (USA)

SENSEable City Lab (USA)

SENSEable City Lab, a new research initiative at MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology directed by Carlo Ratti.

Bill Osgerby

Bill  Osgerby

Professor of Media, Culture and Communications at London Metropolitan University. Collaborator in the posgraduate in arts, digital media and popular culture UOC/LABoral 2011-12.

Ben Woodeson

London, United Kingdom, 1965

Alistair McClymont

Harlow, United Kingdom, 1978

Luis Bisbe

Málaga, Spain, 1965

Alberto Tadiello

Vicenza, Italy, 1984

Ariel Schlesinger

Jerusalem, Israel, 1980

Guillem Bayo

Barcelona, Spain, 1974

Julio Adán

Madrid, Spain, 1977

Jan Tichy

Prague, Czech Republic, 1974

Rubén Ramos Balsa

Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 1978

Caleb Charland

Portland, USA, 1980

Carlos Bunga

Porto, Portugal, 1976

O Grivo

Marcos Moreira y Nelson Soares, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 1967

Milton Marques

Brasilia, Brasil, 1971

Ingrid Buchwald

Tolosa, Spain, 1980

ADSIS Foundation

ADSIS Foundation

ADSIS Foundation is a well known organization, both in local and state spheres, because of its promotion and development of social action, educational and cooperation programmes.

Björn Dahlem

Munich, Germany, 1974

David Clarkson

Otawa, Canada, 1956

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LABoral announces a remixes competition as part of the 'Art and its Sound' programme LABoral announces a remixes competition as part of the 'Art and its Sound' programme

The Centre provides the participants with recordings made by the participant artists in the project

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What does Asturias sound like? Participate in the mapaSONORU project and upload audio files from ...

The Sound Map of Asturias The Sound Map of Asturias

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