Thr3hold is a collective born in Gijón (Spain) in 2008 bringing together common visions and worries from its three members: María Fernandez, Rodolfo Lillo and Borja Requena, who also carries out a personal music project called Aermneme

Was created in Gijón in November 2008 as an experimental visual collective. Since then they have worked in different areas in connection with new aesthetic expressions. As a first creative step, they explored the breakup of aesthetic conventionalisms in film language, developing small pieces related to video creation. Later they focused on video as a complimentary element to audio/music by producing both video clips as live visuals in the field of experimental electronics (collaborations with Logical Disorder, Música para khaos, Juanjo Palacios, Mauri….), and also installations where light, geometry and sound in their most abstract sense work as the main ingredients. They are currently developing large-scale projects closely linked to urban and architectural intervention, without leaving aside, however, their collaborative work with musicians and sound artists. The collective organised the Trendelenburg Festival, aimed at promoting audiovisual art in its many different forms of expression. Its potential lies in the complimentary facets of each of its components; a solid background in the world of graphic design and industrial design and extensive knowledge in new technologies, connected by a striking aesthetic sensibility.


2013. Video, 5’

Universo vídeo. Geopolitical

A selection of pieces from the Asturian Artists’ Archive

L.E.V. Festival 2011

The fifth edition of Visual Electronics Laboratory, designed and conceived by the ...

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Concealing the truth does not cure. Paco Nadie at Universo Vídeo. Concealing the truth does not cure. Paco Nadie at Universo Vídeo.

"Demografía del dolor. Poética cruel (I)" is one of the works included in Universo Vídeo. ...

Interview with the artist Nicolas Bernier Interview with the artist Nicolas Bernier

The Canadian artist Nicolas Bernier has been selected to develop a production residency at LABoral ...

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  • Los Prados, 121
  • 33203 Gijón (Asturias)
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