Thibault Jehanne

Born in 1989, live and work in Caen

Graduated in 2013 at École Superieure d'Arts & Medias de Caen, Thibault Jehanne (France, 1989) works mainly in film making, video, installation and sound art. He focuses on the fugitive quality of images, as can be seen in his works with devices such as webcams, mobile phones or films without image.

Thibault Jehanne works manipulating time, as if it were a material, to experiment with image and sound. He focuses on the line between these two practices, like a porous border between video art and film making, music and recording, still image and moving image.

His video explore specific moments: the tide rising (Eclipse), a trip (D226) or an appearance (Nuit Americaine). These films make us share these moments, revealing situations, contexts or pretexts that draw social or urban landscapes. Scenes that reflect how mundane life is, where boredom and insignificance prevail.

The author tell us how these images result from the wanderings and walks that took him to discover new forms and movements. With them he was able to compile a set of documents and experiences related with his apprehension of the territory.

The discovery of new spaces is for him an opportunity to expand the field of research and, at the same time, it is an essential component in his creative work. How does our vision of a place become gradually familiar? What vision do we have of space once we have overcome uncertainties, fear of the unknown or the absence of cultural references?

Eclipse, 2014

Video HD. 1'35’’

Universo vídeo. La Vidéothèque

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