Semíramis González

Gijón, 1988

Graduated in Art History and Master’s in History of Contemporary Art and Visual Culture at the Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid) and has specialized in feminist and queer theory applied to art history. 
With her blog "Semiramis in Babylon" has participated in the ARCO Bloggers project and LABlog Bloggers, blog of LABoral Centro de Arte, which is also the coordinator.

She has curated a project Just Madrid, "Encuentros inesperados" with the Galería Gema Llamazares (Gijón) and emerging artists collective "La New Fair" in La New Gallery.
Coordinates the blog of the exhibition "Variation, lo obsesivo como forma de paisaje", curated by Tania Pardo on the Fundación ARCO collection at the Art Center of Alcobendas.

The Festival Miradas de Mujeres dyes LABoral pink

Chronicle of the presentation of the III Festival Miradas de Mujeres in Asturias and the activities at LABoral

"Cuerpo" (Body) of María Castellanos, at Universo vídeo. Geo-políticas

Analysis of the video-performance of María Castellanos exhibited at "Universo vídeo"

Behind the screens

We analyse the work that the artist Martín Freire is developing at LABoral Centro de Arte as winner of the third Production Grant DKV Seguros - Álvarez Margaride

On collecting and art patronage

Some thoughts on the importance of collecting and patrons of art in institutions and in the current artistic production

(Ready) Media beyond Mexico

Now that the second phase of the exhibition (Ready) Media, we will review the topics dealt with by the artists and their meaning in the present in Asturias

More electronic and more visual

A visit to L.E.V. (Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual) 2015. An event with much more than electronic music and visual pieces

Interview with Angélica Liddell: "My relationship with Emily goes even beyond feelings"

Interview with Angélica Liddell on the two pieces presented at LABoral

Tourism, idealisation and building the traveller’s illusion.

An analysis of the current image of tourism through the work of Burak Arikan in Datascape.

Flone or how to "occupy" aerial space

Some points on what the Flone project entails and what the idea of “occupying” space implies.

Patronage, art and production

The aim of this post is to explain how some initiatives can continue go on thanks to private support

"The language of information is more and more a militarized"

We interview Graeme Thomson & Silvia Maglioni on the occasion of their participation in the exhibition "Llega un grito a través del cielo"

If I can’t play, then this is not my revolution

Mercadillo LABshop presents this summer proposal related with nature, play and craftmanship

Interview with LCC at L.E.V. 2014

Interview with the couple of artists LCC at L.E.V., just before releasing their new album d/evolution, which they define as emotional

Two reflections on Learning from the Cuencas

Two exhibitions on the project Learning from the Cuencas serve as two reflections on the coalfields and its architecture.

Call LABjoven_Los Bragales: rummaging through history

The initiative LABjoven_Los Bragales takes the spirit of a former call that existed during six years between 2007 and 2012. That initiative, under the title LABjoven_experimenta, gave several ...

Decolonising the network, reconquering thought

The piece that Sam Kronick is producing for NextThings 2014 resumes the postcolonial debate with the current media

Latest News
Vessels, a Research Residency at LABoral Vessels, a Research Residency at LABoral

The project by Sofian Audry, Stephen Kelly and Samuel St-Aubin includes 50 aquatic unmanned ...

LABoral brings back  the LABjoven Award with the support of Colección Los Bragales LABoral brings back the LABjoven Award with the support of Colección Los Bragales

Addressed to Asturian artists under 40, it is awarded with 9.500 €

LABoral joins the European Digital Art and Science network, a transnational Art, Science project LABoral joins the European Digital Art and Science network, a transnational Art, Science project

The Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial multiplies its artistic production grants in 2015

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