Nicolás Weidberg

Assistant Professor at the Department of Biology of Organisms and Systems. In his doctoral thesis (2007-2012) he studied the distribution of invertebrate planktonic larvae on the Asturian coast. At Rhodes University in South Africa (2012-2014) he continued with this line of research. At the Catholic University of Chile (2015-2017) he analysed climate trends and their influence on coastal organisms. He then studied planktonic aggregations using sampling and satellite detection techniques at the Arctic University of Norway (2017-2020). At the University of South Carolina/Vigo (2020-2022) he contributed to the calibration of the NASA ECOSTRESS thermal sensor and its application in coastal ecology studies. His research considers the interplay between physical and biological processes at different scales as the key to understanding patterns of abundance and biological efficiency of organisms.

Asturias, from Natural Paradise to Climate Refuge

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