Nerea Calvillo

(Madrid, 1973)

She studied at the ETSAM (School of Architecture of Madrid) and at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice, followed by a postgraduate degree in Advanced Design from Columbia University, New York. Before opening her own studio in 2004, Calvillo worked in studios such as NO.MAD and Foreign Office Architects in London. She is particularly interested in new technologies as a project tool and has undertaken the design of various exhibitions on contemporary digital art, architecture projects and texts plus research projects focused on the visualisation of data and the generation of cartographies, which have been published extensively in specialised media and exhibited in many groups shows internationally. 
Professor at several universities (Universidad Europea de Madrid, University of Alicante, and recently at the Architectural Foundation), is now Commissioner of the European project digital facades Connecting Cities and researcher at Citizen Sense (Goldsmiths, University of London).

LABO_In the Air (2008-2010)

Web application in Processing+Java, stereolithography, prints on paper.

Mediateca expandida: Habitar

Habitar is a walk through new emerging scenarios in the city. It is a catalogue of ideas ...


What you see may not be what you get

By: Nerea Calvillo (C+arquitectos)

Latest News
LABoral’s Plataforma Cero holds the meeting of “Orbitando satélites” from today until Friday LABoral’s Plataforma Cero holds the meeting of “Orbitando satélites” from today until Friday

The meeting will investigate how satellites operate with participants sharing their knowledge in an ...

Flone or how to "occupy" aerial space Flone or how to "occupy" aerial space

Some points on what the Flone project entails and what the idea of “occupying” space implies.

Flone and democratising air space Flone and democratising air space

On 3 June Lot Amorós, Cristina Navarro and Alex Oliver set to work in Plataforma 0 on their ...

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