Laura Beloff

(Born Finland, 1964)

Laura Beloff's artistic practice falls under a category of media art. Her pieces in recent years have developed to become participatory and networked installations or portable, wearable objects.

These works are influenced by society becoming increasingly mobile and technologically enhanced. Her works re-examine private and public relationships to art and individual presence in the globally networked world. Many of these works are collaborations with other artists, musicians and programmers.

Beloff has exhibited widely in various shows, museums, galleries and major media-festivals in Europe and worldwide. She has an education in new media and critical studies (MFA 1998; California Institute of The Arts) and photography (MFA 1995; University of Art and Design in Helsinki).

She has received various grants, residencies and awards by institutions such as Ars Electronica-Futurelab or Fulbright. She was a visiting guest Professor at the Art University in Linz and a full Professor for media arts at the Art Academy in Oslo.

She has been awarded a five-year grant by the Finnish state (Central Art Comission) 2007-2011. Currently she is working towards her PhD within Planetary Collegium, The Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts (MPHIL/PHD Computing, Communications & Electronics, University of Plymouth, Faculty of technology).


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