Helena Toraño

Was born in Asturias in 1984

The paintings of Helena Toraño are figurative, sometimes realistic, in other more naïf. It has a pop aspect of its colours, themes and contextualization of its compositional elements. It also approaches surrealism in composition and titles, that is, in meaning. The painter is nostalgic, so the decades of the 20 to the 70 of the twentieth century have for her a very intense attraction: the design -both for fashion and industry-, architecture, music, film, advertising ... She feels a special preference for its aesthetics what can be appreciated in her work so far. The titles are another important part of the whole. Often uses irony and humour to express any idea what allows the reading of an image does not go in just one direction, but shooting in multiple directions.

Helena Toraño graduated at the Facultad de Bellas Artes del País Vasco in 2007 and since then she has participated in art projects as "Ópera+Artes" (Teatro Campoamor, Oviedo 2012) and has been selected in the "Convocatoria de Artes plásticas Mulier, mulieris" (Alicante 2011 and 2013) or the "Certamen Nacional de Arte de Luarca" (2011 y 2012), among others. She has also won awards such as the "Certamen de Pintura del Bulevar de la Sidra de Oviedo" (2007) or the "V Concurso de Pintura Fundación Cultural Asturias" (2010). He has exhibited individually and collectively in various galleries and halls: ""La más bella criatura" (Museo Barjola, Gijón 2013); JustMad3 (Galería Adriana Suárez, Madrid 2012); or Feria Arte Oviedo (2011 y 2012).

Since 2012 she is part of the musical project The Bonsai, together with the fellow Asturian Nel González. They have two albums with the label Elefant Records released: "Ultramarinos" (2012) and "Martín Pescador" (2013). The painter -besides composing, playing and sing- is responsible for the group's image: video clips, photos, artwork...


Los Bonsáis


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