Dionisio González

Gijón, 1965

A doctor in Fine Arts from the School of Fine Arts at the University of Seville, where he is currently a teacher. He furthered his training with studies in engraving, photographic processes and multimedia in various European centres. He has won a large number of awards and distinctions.

His early installations already showed a marked concern for space and light as elements configuring spatiality, soon giving way to photography as the basic medium to explore the spatial conception already inhabited by the human figure in his series Rooms and Piscinas. Later, González transferred that reflection to series in which it was architecture itself that expressed the central concern for the metaphors of metamorphosed urban and dwelling spaces visible in city landscapes, as in Situ-acciones, focusing on Havana, or the response-denunciation of Encriptaciones, an ironic look at solutions to the problem of social housing in containers.

Interdictory Spaces, 2007

Site-specific installation for the Centro de Escultura Museo Antón, Candás. Digital photo, photograph siliconed on perspex and monitorised videos

Extensiones-Anclajes. Phase II

Explores several of the lines of action established by LABoral as its guidelines: a ...

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