Daniel Palacios

Born in Spain, 1981

Daniel Palacios creates machines capable of detecting and visualising the flux of visitors (Waves, 2006-07) or objects that communicate with spectators through artificial intelligence (Kill the Process, 2010). They are works generating snapshots of reality and posing questions on perception, memory, time and space. From a strictly formal point of view, they are interactive pieces whose functioning is based on a complex machinery and on software that is often difficult to grasp. However, beyond the technicalities, the interest of his work lies in the resonance it strikes with particularly human and philosophical issues. Palacios looks for ways to represent reality, that is, to illustrate movements that have been made, the passing of time or the process of human memory.


(Wie wirklich ist die wirklichkeit? translated by Nora Mayr)


Customised electronics, joinery, steel cylinders and elastic rope. 130 x 590 x 45 cm

Visualizing Sound

Representations of Sound in Contemporary Creation

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  • Los Prados, 121
  • 33203 Gijón (Asturias)
  • Spain
  • Phone: +34 985 185 577
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