Tsentsaciones, 2007

Site-specific installation for the Torre del Reloj, Figueras. Painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, projections

The space to be intervened, the building’s architectural configuration, its original social function and its symbolism, as well as its location in a border town, allow Suárez to reflect on the aesthetic reformulations, the keys and the messages enabled by space, time, technology, architecture or individual and collective memory, all of it in connection with the critical influences of the centre-periphery discourse seen from the viewpoint of power, gender policies and of the high culture – low culture dichotomy, with a special emphasis on what the artist defines as “the interests of the middle class to reformulate an aesthetic of the common unconsciousness.”

The venue chosen to host the mise en scène and rendering of these creative posits is the Torre del Reloj [Clock Tower] of Figueras, in the municipality of Castropol. The building was erected circa 1910 thanks to Domingo Gayol Magadán, an emigrant from Asturias who made his fortune in Argentina. Later, two additions were built on either sides to house the public school, all of it following the eclectic and Neo-Historicist architectural patterns of the time. The building was recently refurbished as a cultural centre.

Aurora Suárez

León, 1963

Extensiones-Anclajes. Phase II

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