Mil a Miró, 1993-2009

Benet Rossell (Spain, 1937). Video + 1.000 captions. Ed. 2/8 + 4 A.P+ 2HC. 16’36’’

Mil a Miró, 1993-2009

Still Mil a Miró, 1993-2009

Mil a Miró, a video work paying tribute to Joan Miró, was made in collaboration with the producers Oframe Store, who availed of the latest postproduction advances of the time.
For a duration of 17 minutes the video shows original drawings and real images manipulated by the artist which, when captured by the camera, are turned into the stage setting for a painterly performance which Rossell executes live, using graphic tools like pen and paintbrush, and the screen as a sheet of paper or a canvas. Rossell uses technology to “paint” directly with pixels on the screen. His marks become characters with which he pays homage to Miró. Some fixed images link with others in motion, drawings and paintings blend together and the marks are animated in front of the spectator.

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