FuriousClubfoot (2007)

Video: Raquel Meyers / Music: Glomag

FuriousClubfoot (2007)

Raquel Meyer. 'FuriousClubfoot'

This project may be helpful to show that, in her videos and live sets, 8-bit aesthetics are chosen for something more then a mere reference to the retro feel of old videogames. Meyers uses 8-bit tiles in order to create an alien, imaginary, unsettling reality, inhabited by strange creatures and lysergic colours. In L-V–SC-LD-RTH-ND– TH, a mechanical hydra lives in a post-atomic world full of mouths and eyes; in Fin, two merry joggers are suddenly hijacked by aliens. Follow the Red Dots, as Ed Halter wrote, “places a Minnie Mousean character in a Super-Mario-like pellet-eating adventure, while FuriousClubfoot stars a crustacean-headed boogaloo dancer traipsing across a burning city.” The evocation of this parallel reality is strongly related with the music it has to comment: so, if Meyers often made 8-bit videos for non 8-bit music, she made as well non 8-bit videos for chiptune musicians.

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