Artist Friend: Plataforma 0

The booklet Friend Artist: Plataforma 0 it can get: the artists, creators, producers or independent producers, collective of artists / creators and / or non-profit organization whose aims include research, design, production and the dissemination of art, science and technology. To the extent that their projects are non-commercial, users Plataforma 0, members can rent the equipment and resources at preferential rates.


Annual dues of Driver's Friend Artist: Plataforma 0 are:

Individual Fee: € 50.00 (IVA included)

Fee artistic groups or non-profit (maximum 5 cards registered): 90,00 € (IVA included) *


Free access to the Art Center

Access Plataforma 0 and resources at preferential rates for the use of equipment and machinery [+]

20% discount on courses and workshops

20% discount on publications LABoral

Become a Friend Artist: Plataforma 0 through this form [+]

* The art group or nonprofit organization must be legally constituted as such
The booklet Friend Artist: Plataforma 0 is valid for 1 year from the date of issue of the card.

  • Information

  • Los Prados, 121
  • 33203 Gijón (Asturias)
  • Spain
  • Phone: +34 985 185 577
  • Contact


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