plat0 equipment and fees

Plat0 is equipped with a truss structure, a soundproofed ceiling and optical fibre Internet connection (10MB symmetrical bandwidth). Fees and conditions of use are available here


• Area: 319.70 m2. Consult floor plan.
• Soundproofed ceiling. Consult reverberation report.
• Height: 5.95m – 7.95m
TRUSS: self-supporting truss structure
• Power supply
• Suspension gear.
• Consult here the structure plan and table of loads.
Optical fibre connection
• 10MB symmetrical bandwidth

• MacBook (Core 2 Duo) for live-streaming purposes
• UStream account and player at LABTV.
• EsperimentalTV channel
• Linux station for streaming via Icecast + TSS
• Linux station for Telepresencia via Scenic
• MacPro equipped with Live, Modul8, Max/Msp/Jitter, Soundforge
• Video mixers: Edirol v-8, Neokinok
• Video projectors:
• Audio devices
• Lights, Truss, Chroma
Further information:

Fees and conditions of use

The fees for using the resources are not applicable to non-commercial projects, which shall be reviewed individually by the Centre’s management. The fees indicated here are only applicable to users who have already obtained the Friend card or – in the case of fabLAB – who have taken the corresponding training course.


Breakdown of available equipment and resources (prices in euro, VAT not included)

*Day (opening hour: 6pm)
€/hour Day* Week Month
Space + self-supporting structure – TRUSS (5.59 m height) 180 1.000 5.000 N/A
Optical fibre connection (10MB symmetrical bandwidth) 10 60 360 N/A
Linux station for Telepresencia - Scenic 4 20 110 N/A
Linux station for streaming via Icecast 4 20 110 N/A
MacBook (Core 2 Duo) equipped with Live, Modul8 4 20


Max/Msp/Jitter, Soundforge N/A N/A N/A N/A
Video mixers: Edirol v-8, Neokinok 4 20 110 N/A
Video projector 4 20 110 N/A
Audio N/A N/A N/A N/A
Chroma N/A N/A N/A N/A
Lights: ENG-Fresnel 650 kit 4 20 110 N/A
Lights: Kinoflo-cold light panel PL655 4
20 110 N/A
Qualified operator 25 135 N/A N/A
Consultancy (Projects Office) 50 N/A N/A

Conditions of use [+]

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