Nicola Mariani

(Perugia, Italia, 1972)

Sociologist, art critic and independent curator, he specialises in contemporary art and sociology of consumption. Expert in cultural trends, he has worked for ten years as editor and social researcher at GFK Eurisko in Milan, exploring in depth life styles, symbolic systems and expression forms of the consumption society. He has delivered presentations and seminars. He is actually working as Social Media Manager at Durán Arte y Subastas, he is an official blogger of Museo Vivanco Cultura de Vino and collaborates with the contemporary art and culture magazine Input.

In 2009 he founded the blog, devoted to contemporary art criticism focusing on emerging art and the exhibition activity in Madrid. He collaborates with magazines and online portals as art critic and essay writer. He has been selected guest editor at the magazine Notas y Reflexiones and has collaborated in online publishing projects like Artribune, Ensayos Absolut by PAC, Absolut Network, Donde acaba Madrid, Arco Bloggers 2013, Social Trends, Cinqueminuti,,,, o among others.

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True to its commitment to researching and disseminating in Spain the most current creative ...

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When art centres and administrations work for progress in educational models.

Listening to transport (and travelling with its sound) Listening to transport (and travelling with its sound)

“Transporte” is this year’s project of the work group Mapa Sonoru with LABoral Centro de Arte

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