Conditions of use of equipment. Description of users

Plataforma 0 is an area for research, production and resources at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial. It has a modular and flexible structure, conceived for a smoother functioning, and is adaptable to different programmes and services for work groups, individual creators, collectives and educators, operating in the intersections between science, art, technology, creative industries and society.

Conditions of use of equipment. Description of users
The equipment and resources at LABoral will be available based on the following order of priority:
1) Firstly, they shall be used for the development of programmes and activities at LABoral such as exhibitions, workshops, own productions, conferences and other events.
2) Secondly, they shall be available for users – whether individuals or bodies – who are holders of the Friend card.
3) People entitled to hold the Friend card are artists, creators, independent producers and directors, groups of artists/creators and/or not-for-profit organisations, whose goals are research, creation, production and encouragement of art, science and technology. Users who are members of Plataforma 0 are entitled to hire the equipment and resources at lower fees, provided that their projects are not carried out for commercial purposes. The annual fees for the Friend card are as follows:
• Individuals: €50
• Collectives, groups and not-for-profit organisations: €90
4) If not in use by the Centre for its programme or reserved by any cardholding Friend (non-commercial purposes), the equipment and resources may be applied for and hired for other purposes. The projects will be reviewed by LABoral’s management team and may not be implemented unless with the express consent of the Centre and upon specific conditions of the submitted project.

Plataforma 0 boasts a wide range of equipment and exclusive, professional resources, including advanced media for photography works and edition, production and postproduction of video and sound works. It also includes offices and workshops, meeting rooms, conference halls and multi-purpose rooms, as well as a wide variety of mobile A/V devices, and electronic and multimedia equipment. Plataforma 0 is comprised by the following laboratories:

Equipped with digital manufacturing machines, this lab offers consultancy services, training courses and workshops for people interested in digitally manufacturing their designs and proposals. At fabLAB creators will have access to state-of-the-art CNC (computer numeric control) machinery.
This Experimental Electronic and Software Laboratory has been conceived as a space aimed at developing art projects comprising open-hardware electronics and open-source software (OSS).

This research area explores the possibilities of combining art, ecology and open-hardware electronics.

Plat0 focuses on the experimentation and research into expanded performative practices, telepresence interactivity and new audiovisual modes.

An online experimental publication platform for digital video and audio, including a specific area for audiovisual services with all the equipment necessary for editing, production and postproduction.

Projects Office
A consultancy service for art projects and residences, also providing support for production. LABoral has its own consultancy service specialised in free licenses, Creative Commons licenses.

Use, hours, reservations and fees
The mission of Plataforma Cero, with regards its use and management, is to provide users with safe working conditions, while at the same time instilling knowledge and respect for the principles and processes of production and digital manufacturing. These rules will enable users to efficiently develop their works, through a general understanding of their rights and duties within Plataforma 0.
“User” refers to authorised people who have taken the corresponding training course, and entitled to use CNC machinery within a fixed period previously reserved, and subject to management and payment conditions. “Operator” is the person in charge of the premises and the only person entitled to operate machines. If any technical issue or query arises, users must follow the operator’s instructions.

fabLAB: Monday, Wednesday and Friday (11am – 6pm). Closed on Tuesdays for training courses and internal management (calibration of machinery, preparation of machinery, cleaning and administrative duties); Thursdays (open doors - LABabierto).
LABabierto (Thursdays, 5pm – 8pm).
Plat0 and audiovisual laboratories. Mon-Fri, 11am – 6pm.

The purpose is to provide Plataforma 0 with a general scheme to adapt to flux in demand and supply, avoiding breakdowns, offering well-distributed opportunities and ensuring services to all users.
Users shall comply with the starting and finishing hours of their reservations. If after 15 minutes from the reserved starting hour, the user does not show up, then the machines will be available for the next user/applicant.
Reservations may be made individually or collectively, subject in all cases to an agreement (form) to be signed by each and all the applicants. We recommend making reservations individually for each machine so that production times are optimised.
A calendar of reservations will be fixed on a monthly basis and posted on LABoral’s website, so that online reservations can be made by users.
Reservation forms are hereto attached as Annex I.
Fees (not applicable to non-commercial projects, which shall be reviewed individually by the Centre’s management. Fees indicated below are only applicable to users who are members of Plataforma 0 (having previously obtained LABoral’s Friend card or – in the case of fabLAB – who have taken the corresponding training course).

Materials are not supplied by Plataforma Cero. They shall be acquired in advance by users and adequately transported to the working spaces. The consumables of the 3D printer are the only materials that shall be purchased through LABoral. No files shall be printed unless the corresponding payment has been made in advance.
In addition, to use the MacPro digital stations in the audiovisual laboratory, users shall bring their own hard drives for storing video and audio. Both external (USB, or FireWire 400/800) and internal (SATA 2.5” or 3.5”) hard drives are compatible with our Freecom external docking stations.

Working clothes
While working at fabLAB, users may not wear loose clothing or leave their hair loose and no accessories or jewellery should be worn. Plataforma 0 shall provide users with the following work wear: gloves, goggles, safety earplugs and masks. Users shall take all the necessary precautions, maintain a minimum distance and never touch machines while they are working.

Starting up machines
In case of queries regarding the operation of machines, users shall ask the operator for advice. Before starting up an equipment or machine, users shall ensure that there are no objects or external agents which may prevent the machine or equipment from a normal and safe operation.
Should a user require a machine to be operated differently to its standard use, he/she shall inform the operator in advance. Users are not entitled to remove or modify any piece or feature from any machine without the operator’s prior approval and supervision.

Supervision of works
Except for the 3D printer, machines cannot work without the supervision of a person. Users shall be acquainted with the steps to take in the event of an emergency stoppage. In the event of vibration or excessive noise from a machine, all works shall be immediately interrupted by the user, as there is a potential risk of fire, harm to the user’s health and even danger for the machine itself. The use of certain materials may give off toxic fumes. In the event of strong odours, works should be interrupted immediately.

LABoral shall not be held liable for any damage to health as a result of using fabLAB. Users shall be responsible for their own safety. In case of an incident – no matter how insignificant– users shall immediately inform the operator or the centre’s staff. LABoral has a first-aid kit.

Damage to machines
The operator or Coordinator of Plataforma 0 shall be immediately informed of any damage to machines. Damage shall be assessed by the operator to determine if it was caused by improper use, and in case of negligence the corresponding person shall be held responsible.

Cleaning and maintenance
LABoral shall be responsible for the cleaning and general maintenance of the premises. Users shall be responsible for cleaning machines and workbenches after their use. Should a user fail to comply with this rule, his/her right to use the premises shall be suspended indefinitely.

LABoral shall be the only owner of the tools, which shall be returned completely cleaned to their original place of delivery.

It is expressly forbidden to enter Plataforma 0 with food and/or drinks.
IMPORTANT: The use of the equipment is limited to the premises of LABoral.

Contact: Should you have any queries about the equipment of Plataforma 0, please contact us at

The laboratories may not be entered while the centre is closed, and LABoral shall not be held responsible for the loss of objects and equipment of third parties.
The laboratories may not be used other than on the hours and dates specified above.
The use of fog machines is completely forbidden.
Applicants agree to include LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial and, more specifically, Plataforma 0, in all credits as the venue where their projects have been produced, whether totally or in part.

Equipment and fees at fabLAB Asturias

List and conditions of use of available machines

Audiovisual Equipment

List of the available equipment for loan/rent and admission terms

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