Félix Luque. Chapter I: The discovery
A Science Fiction Story

Félix Luque. Chapter I: The discovery

A Science Fiction Story



In the installation Chapter I: The Discovery the visitor discovers a sci-fi geometric object which outputs a code of light and sounds. 
This work questions the viewer’s perception about the truthfulness of what is shown, outlining a journey from the initial visioning of a series of videos with synthetic images and ending up in an encounter with a physical interactive object which co-opts information flows, sound and light transmission. 
Within the context of the work, rather than answering essential philosophical questions—such as, How can technological advances be controlled? On what ethical bases can its purposes be chosen? Who is entitled to decide on the ultimate mission of machines? Can machines destroy us?—this installation, on the contrary, is about reformulating those modern philosophical questions through the use of images associated with the popular culture of science fiction. 
The sculpture responds to presence, demonstrating a will to communicate. The resulting interaction and behaviour are an imitation of artificial intelligence. They are expressed as extremely simple rules capable of generating apparently complex behaviours. But, what is its degree of intelligence? Is it a tool for communication? How autonomous is it? Is it alive? Does it exist? 
Accordingly, the installation renews an age-old cultural groundbase, questioning the limits of our notions of artificial intelligence and cutting across our collective imaginary of science fiction. 

Author: Félix Luque Sánchez (http://www.othersounds.net
Software-hardware development: Félix Luque Sánchez (http://www.othersounds.net
Design of dodecahedron: Damien Gernay aka DustDelux (http://www.dustdeluxe.com
3D videos: Iñigo Bilbao (http://www.ibl3d.com)
Video camera: Nicolás Torres
Lighting consultant: Pablo Martínez Díez (http://www.pablomartinezdiez.net)

A co-production of the Francophone Community of Belgium (http://www.arts-numeriques.culture.be/
With the collaboration of iMAL (http://www.imal.org/)

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