Experimental Station Concert O Grivo
In the context of the opening of the exhibition Estación Experimental
Experimental Station Esther Mañas y Arash Moori
Artistic Collective
Image: Courtesy of the artists
Experimental Station Misfits Series, 2011
Robot and hose. Variable dimensions
Experimental Station Ecografía (no tocar, por favor), 2011
Electric guitar, electric bass, drums, electric piano, amplifyers, cameras, projectors, engines, sensors, papel, graphite dust and cables. Variable dimensions
Experimental Station Introduction to the problem, 2011
Video, 10' (colour, sound). Courtesy of the artist
Photo: David Serrano Pascual
Experimental Station Desconcentrator, 2011
Site-specific installation. Variable dimensions. Courtesy of the artist
Photo: David Serrano Pascual
Experimental Station Rhombus Sectus, 2009
16 mm film projection transferred to HD, 12' (colour, sound). Courtesy of the artists and Gallery Michel Rein, Paris
Experimental Station Installation No. 4 (Towers), 2008
Digital video projection (9') and two 250 g paper objects (100 x 260 x 200 cm). Courtesy of the artist and Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago
Experimental Station El recorrido de la totalidad, 2010
Projection of 79 slides. Variable dimensions. Courtesy of the artist and Galería Maisterravalbuena, Madrid
Photo: David Serrano Pascual
Experimental Station Tones in the Voice of Shadows, 2011
Site-specific installation. variable dimensions. Courtesy of the artists
Experimental Station Cat in Zero Gravity, 2008
Vídeo, 24’ 42’’ (colour, mute). Courtesy of the artist
Experimental Station Eprom, 2008
Music boxes, electric engines, voltage transformer and cables, 260 x 500 x 25 cm
Experimental Station Detonación, 2010
Cardboard, tape, LEDs screen, arduino and cable. Variable dimensions.
Experimental Station Physical Geology (New Landmass/Fast Time), 2009
7 drawings (3 of 61 x 81 cm; 4 de 81 x 112 cm), 10 lava stamps (48 x 8 cm) and video, 3’ 48’’ (colour, mute)
Experimental Station Herbario de plantas artificiales, 2002-2011
Found objects, pictures and drawing on cardboard. Variable dimensions
Experimental Station Fall Machine, 2003-2011
Autonomous mechanical multiplier. Variable dimensions
Experimental Station Demonstrations, 2005-2008
12 gelatin silver photographs on baryta paper 51 x 61 cm (edition of 15)
Experimental Station Lamp, 2002
Video, 1’ 34’’ (colour, sound)
Experimental Station L’angoisse de la page blanche, 2007
Paper A4, wood and electric engine, 65 x 55 x 20 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv
Photo: David Serrano Pascual
Experimental Station Icarus 13, 2006
8 photographs (80 x 120 cm each) and model. Courtesy of the artist and Foundation Sindika Doloko, Luanda
Experimental Station M-Sphären, 2008
Wood, lacquer, steel, neon tubes, soffits, bulbs and electric cable. 410 x 600 x 250 cm
Experimental Station The Tenant, 2010
HD video-projection, 10’ 34’’ (colour, sound). Edition of 8+2 A.P.
Experimental Station Health & Safety Violation #15 – Spiral Twist Hazard, 2009
Electric engine for a random mechanism and cable. Variable dimensions
Experimental Station Experimental Station: In the Laboratory
Interview wih Luis Bisbe, Alistair McClymont and Ben Woodeson
Experimental Station Experimental Station: Lost in Space
Interview with Björn Dahlem, Karlos Gil, Esther Mañas & Arash Moori and Jan Tichy
Experimental Station Making of Estación experimental
Video of the installation of the exhibition
Experimental Station Experimental Station: Artifacts & Mechanisms
Interviwe with Julio Adán, Guillem Bayo, O Grivo, Ariel Schlesinger and Alberto Tadiello
Experimental Station
Research and artistic phenomena

Experimental Station

Research and artistic phenomena


Estación experimental [Experimental Station] presents the work of those artists whose work is inspired by an irrepressible impulse that connects them to the purest part of scientific research. Steering away from pre-established guidelines in contemporary art, these creators share a certain fascination in their work for extra-artistic themes - not only for what happens in the field of reality but also in the beyond.

Formal research, pseudo-science, science-fiction and paranormal events are some of the experimental terrains in which these authors navigate and materialise their works. An artist interested in the latest technology who applies it to his/her work to achieve aesthetic results is not the same as another one more inclined to research whose experiment is the artwork itself, with such research converting the artist’s studio into a laboratory and testing ground for error and results.

Both artistic and scientific devices transport us to places of change and discovery, whether it be with a real purpose or an imaginary one. We are referring to creation as a place for experimentation, and in this respect, science and art share a common aspiration: to conduct experiments that question our current knowledge, looking for a new frontier.

Science and art also share a common poetry. Where do they cross paths and where do they become separate? Ethics and aesthetics are concepts that separate and yet unite: convergence points that invite both the artist and the scientist to think and reflect. The latter works in a wonderful space of observation based on knowledge where rigourous procedures are followed in the obtaining and collecting of data. Artists delve into this limited field in a parallel way.

Throughout history an immense source of ideas has been investigated leading to breakthroughs or to nothing. Utopias and failures are commonplace in art and science.

Curated by: Andrés Mengs y Virginia Torrente
Coproduction: CA2M-Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo
Artists: Julio Adán, Guillem Bayo, Alberto Baraya, Luis Bisbe, Ingrid Buchwald, Carlos Bunga, Caleb Charland, David Clarkson, Björn Dahlem, Karlos Gil, Faivovich & Goldberg, O Grivo, João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva, Lyn Hagan, Ilana Halperin, Kiluanji Kia Henda, Esther Mañas and Arash Moori, Milton Marques, Alistair McClymont, Rivane Neuenschwander and Cao Guimarães, Jorge Peris, Paloma Polo, Rubén Ramos Balsa, Ariel Schlesinger, Alberto Tadiello, Jan Tichy, Ben Woodeson and Raphaël Zarka.

In collaboration with:

bc_azul.jpg AECID

During the opening, O Grivo will perform a concert for the audience [+]

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LABoral and Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo (CA2M) present Estación Experimental in Madrid LABoral and Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo (CA2M) present Estación Experimental in Madrid

The exhibition is a co-production by both institutions and explores how art and impossible science ...

LABoral explores in 'Experimental Station' how art and impossible science draw together and intertwine LABoral explores in 'Experimental Station' how art and impossible science draw together and intertwine

The exhibition will be open from Friday 28 October until 9 April 2012 and is a coproduction between ...

LABoral and CA2M jointly present 'Estación experimental' LABoral and CA2M jointly present 'Estación experimental'

The show can be seen between 14th May and 9th October at Madrid and from 28th October 2011 to 9th ...

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