Homo Ludens Ludens International Symposium

In collaboration with the Planetary Collegium

Venue: Simposio Homo Ludens Ludens. Foto: Archivo LABoral
Homo Ludens Ludens International Symposium

Symposium Homo Ludens Ludens. Image: LABoral

Homo Ludens Ludens International Symposium


The objetive of this programme is to situate the frame context of contemporary play on one hand, and show its multiple expressions in today s activities and functions on the other. It will aim to answer questions such as: How has the notion of play changed and how does it affect today s world? How does it empower our culture through its use in the different disciplines? What hopes, changes and what dangers this playful society may bring? Could this understanding of fusion into real life help us understand contemporary society and its citizens better?

Hours: Saturday and Sunday, from 10 to 2 pm and from 3.30 to 7 pm
Registration fee: General: 20 €. Students: 10 €


Roy Ascott, Artist and Founding President, Planetary Collegium; Professor of Technoetic Art, University of Plymouth
Laura Beloff, Independent artist and researcher, Planetary Collegium
José Luis de Vicente, Journalist and new media arts curator
Julian Dibbell, Author
Wolfgang Fiel, Architect and independent researcher
Gonzalo Frasca, Lecturer, game designer and academic game designer
Luis Miguel Girão,Trandisciplinary artist and researcher, Planetary Collegium; Founder, Artshare - Inverstigação, Tecnologia e Arte, lda.
Margarete Jahrmann, Artist, Professor for Game Design and Ludology, University of Arts and Design Zurich; Lecturer, Angewandte Vienna
David McConville, New media artist; Director, Noospheric Research (Elumenati)
Guto Nóbrega, Researcher, Planetary Collegium; Assistant Professor, School of Fine Arts- Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Julian Oliver, Artist, educator and media theorist Paolo Pedercini - Artist/Researcher
Paolo Pedercini, Gaming artist and designer
Mike Phillips, Reader in Digital Art and Technology, University of PlymouthMartin Pichlmair
Michael Punt, Professor of Art and Technology, University of Plymouth; Editor-in-Chief, Leonardo ReviewsNicolas Reeves
Natacha Roussel, Artist/ experientiae electricae
Anne-Marie Schleiner, Critic, curator and gaming artist/designer
Natasha Vita-More, Artist and researcher, Planetary Collegium
McKenzie Wark, Author and Associate Professor of Media Studies
Monika Weiss, Artist and Assistant Professor, Department of Art at Washington College

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