Robotics for kids

Introduction to robotics for kids and youngters using LEGO WeDo. This workshop is an activity for kids

10:00 to 14:00
Venue: LABoral
Robotics for kids

Image: Yeray Menéndez

The robotics turns into a "excuse" to bring kids over to scientific and technological contents, inside a physical context associated with the events of LABoral Centro de Arte y creción Industrial.

The workshop is based on LEGO WeDo allowingthe modelling and construction, with simple sensors and an engine that connects to the computer, forming behaviors with a tool of programming very simple and easy to use. The system LEGO WeDo it provides an easy and enterteining way of learning robotics.

The workshop allows, by means of a simple tool, to programme behaviors of a robot. In addition there will be a wide range of complementary activities across different topics, allowing to develop scientific and technological knowledge, engineering, mathematics, language and literature, as well a responsible use of technology.



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