POEX: Read the exhibition - Barricades in the Ice Fields

hrough the reading and sharing of texts related to them. This new session is integrated in the framework of POEX (Poetry in Xixón) and we will count with the participation of the poets Yolanda Castaño and Rosa Berbel.

20:00 to 21:30

On this occasion we will refer to Oliver Ressler's exhibition Barricades on the Ice, whose central theme is global warming, the climate justice movement and the relationship of the latter with the arts. Through videos and photographs, Ressler shows us his research on mobilizations, assemblies and meetings of climate movements around the world.

This session of Read the exhibition will be integrated in the framework of POEX (Poetry in Xixón), an event that aims to promote the meeting of the different current trends in poetry from a broad and inclusive perspective.
We will count with the presence of the poets Yolanda Castaño and Rosa Berbel accompanied by Yasmina Álvarez to introduce us in an atmosphere of lyric and environment. They will give rise to all those who want to share their own or others' texts that evoke the concern for our planet and the activist feeling, the uncertain future and pollution that clouds the world today.
We invite you to attend this event of immediacy and poetic complaint to dedicate fragments and lines to our planet and question the treatment we are giving it.
Activity led by the philologist Mar Martín.
Activity promoted and financed by the Consejería de Cultura, Política Llingüística y Turismo.
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