Workshop: Make your own biome.

Program of activities on the key themes of art and technological culture, artistic practice and the dissemination of art and creation in educational establishments

10:00 to 14:00

Aimed at: Primary education

Duration: 2 hours approximately (1 hour workshop, 1 hour guided tour)
Groups: maximum of 50 students
Schedule: Wednesday to Friday from 10 am to 2 pm.
The artists Ángeles Angulo and Román Torre (Rotor Studio) have created a forest biome at LABoral Centro de Arte inspired by Ursula K.Le Guin's book The Name of the World is Forest. We invite you to explore this fantastic world, to which curiosity and imagination lead us, in the context of the Asturian forests. As in the novel, this biome makes us reflect on concepts such as feminism, ecology, empathy and our own planet.
In the workshop we will learn what a biome is, and we will work creatively making our own, drawing and painting to finally compose a collaborative mural that we will install in the Art Center next to the exhibition.
This workshop will be complemented with a guided tour that will allow us to discover the highlights of the different exhibitions as well as help us to better understand them.

- To explore and get to know diverse materials and instruments and acquire specific codes and techniques of the different artistic languages in order to use them for expressive and communicative purposes, fostering the acquisition of aesthetic values and developing sensitivity.
- To enjoy an immersive experience that makes a fictional world come true and fosters an important exercise in the development of the imagination.
- To get to know and approach new artistic and technological formats in an interactive way.
- Reflect on environmental problems, our planet and the way we behave in it.
- To develop critical ideas through science fiction and fantasy.
- Relate with group mates and monitors in a context different from school, which favors dialogue, collaboration and communication outside the classroom.

Activity promoted and financed by the Department of Culture, Language Policy and Tourism.
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