LABshop Winter 2023

LABshop Winter 2023

Photo: Marco Recuero


Since December 2008, the LABshop Design Market has brought together a large group of independent creators, designers and publishers. The aim of this activity is to raise awareness of the activities related to design and creation that take place in Gijón/Xixón and Asturias, as well as in other nearby communities.

LABshop is not only a great showcase or a design market, it is a stage open to creativity that serves as a connection between all participants to promote their union and strengthen the meeting with the media, trend-setters and the industry of the sector.

Both access to the LABshop Design Market and visits to the exhibitions will be free throughout the weekend.


Saturday 16 December


11 h.

The Donut Economy in Asturias

Movement focused on developing and applying the principles of Doughnut Economics in Spain. Conference and practical workshop involving citizens and a diversity of social collectives, NGOs and neighbourhood movements.


17 to 18 h.

Content creators in Asturias

Round table with creators of the PlayPresta platform. A moment to reflect on the opportunities, challenges and difficulties of being a content creator in Asturias and especially to learn about the experiences of some of the content creators of the PlayPresta platform.

Moderator: Raúl Alonso, Cuatro Gotes Producciones.


- 12 h. Watercolour workshop with natural pigments, by Sergio Santuri.

- 12 h. A fairytale map workshop, by Gloria Sagast

- 16 h. Family watercolour workshop, by Catalina Rodríguez.

- 16:30 h. Luminous postcards workshop


18.30 h.

Pablo und destruktion

Pablo Und Destruktion is the musical project of Pablo García, originally from the Asturias region of Spain. Pablo Und Destruktion began by self-publishing a series of music videos on Vimeo, which ended up earning them an article in the popular Spanish rock magazine MondoSonoro.

Their music features haunting electric guitars with fuzz effects and Garcia is often seen in shirtless music videos in the woods. The project's albums appear on almost every major music website in Spain, such as [4Spain's most important newspaper, El País, said that Pablo Und Destruktion is able to show social and political ideology with their music.

Ferla Megía

Musician from Sierras, composer, singer and budding designer. A graduate in Art History and Graphic Design, Megía is an example of the new modes of musical production, which dispense with recording studios and monopolise all the aspects surrounding the creation of an album. El Tambor de mi piel's bedroom is still the stage where he composes his songs. A small space in his house in Siero without acoustic insulation, but with personality.


13 h,

La Viuda de Angelín

As they describe themselves on their Instagram, La Viuda de Angelín play psychedelic cumbia, 60's 70's cumbia, salsa, tropical, underground and all the other junk you can dance to.


Sunday 17 December


- 12 h. Visual Storytelling Workshop (photo and video), by Adrián Rojo.

- 12 and 17.30 h. Ceramics workshop, by La Cueva Studio.

- Embroidery workshop, by Miss Aurora.

- 15 h. Ceramics workshop (costume jewellery), by Noelia Castro - Lady Selva.

- 16 h. Watercolour workshop, by La Chica de la Cinta.


13 h.

Lucía Dilema

Owner of the Dilema Indie Club, a reference venue in Gijón's nightlife. Indie, pop, rock, urban and electronic music. An eclectic mix without complexes with the sole aim of making you vibrate.

17 h.

Mediocre DJ

Guillermo Llordén is DJ Mediocre. Born in Benavente but with an Asturian heart.

In his sessions, you can enjoy a wide variety of musical genres, with an emphasis on indie, pop and electronica. Characterised by his high quality and mixing skills, his sessions are the perfect place to dance, thanks to his exquisite mushups and a 100% danceable musical selection.



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