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Universo Vídeo: The Other Spanish Audiovisual Scene
An exhibition which aims to bring us closer to the different ways of creating contemporary Spanish audiovisual work that is more daring and creative.
(Ready) Media: The exhibition of infinite readings
This article will focus on the exhibition (Ready) Media and we analyse the current role of “new” media curators
When art has smell
The joint project by LABoral and the collection OlorVISUAL, has resulted into a non-conventional show that stimulates the sense of smell of visitors taking ...
Benjamin Weil: “Elastic Reality describes the complexity and instability of the real”
For a better understanding of the exhibition Elastic Reality, we interviewed its curator and director of LABoral, Benjamin Weil.
Collecting video art: Preservation, dissemination and passion for audiovisual works.
Ideas, notes and summary of the round table on video art collecting celebrated last April 12 at LABoral.
Art is a privileged means of resistance against the present
From 22 June, LAB presents the work by Karlos Gil “The Moon Museum”. We analyse its multiple readings and we delve into the construction of his message.
The project Inercia [Inertia] by David Martínez Suárez was opened last 11 October and is on show until 3 February 2014. We are providing some further insights ...



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