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Reflections about `La magia de las imágenes´
On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition "La magia de las imágenes", this article reflects upon the video art market and summarises the interview of ...
Tourism, idealisation and building the traveller’s illusion.
An analysis of the current image of tourism through the work of Burak Arikan in Datascape.
Flone or how to "occupy" aerial space
Some points on what the Flone project entails and what the idea of “occupying” space implies.
"Cuerpo" (Body) of María Castellanos, at Universo vídeo. Geo-políticas
Analysis of the video-performance of María Castellanos exhibited at "Universo vídeo"
Concealing the truth does not cure. Paco Nadie at Universo Vídeo.
"Demografía del dolor. Poética cruel (I)" is one of the works included in Universo Vídeo. Geopolíticas, a show that gathers a selection of pieces from the ...
The Festival Miradas de Mujeres dyes LABoral pink
Chronicle of the presentation of the III Festival Miradas de Mujeres in Asturias and the activities at LABoral
Datascape: A technological view on reality
An exhibition that explores how contemporary artists approach the complexity of the current world
The “new media art” of Enrique Radigales. Between the physical and the virtual
Conversations and reflections with Enrique Radigales about his last two projects at LABoral Centro de Arte
An approach to landscape in the work of Enrique Radigales.
The Aragonese artist takes part in DATAscape with his pieces. One of them, Tótem Evanescente, has been produced during his residency at LABoral.
What is an art production residency?
The rise of a production support model for creators. Art production residencies, a new way forward.
Vessels, a Research Residency at LABoral
The project by Sofian Audry, Stephen Kelly and Samuel St-Aubin includes 50 aquatic unmanned vehicles that interact among each other and with their immediate ...
Karlos Gil and his "museum" in a "museum"
Interview with artist Karlos Gil, winner of "DKV Seguros-Álvarez Margaride” artistic production grant.
Art is a privileged means of resistance against the present
From 22 June, LAB presents the work by Karlos Gil “The Moon Museum”. We analyse its multiple readings and we delve into the construction of his message.
Flone and democratising air space
On 3 June Lot Amorós, Cristina Navarro and Alex Oliver set to work in Plataforma 0 on their project “Flone: The Flyer Phone”, awarded in the call for ideas ...
The project Inercia [Inertia] by David Martínez Suárez was opened last 11 October and is on show until 3 February 2014. We are providing some further insights ...
Translations: Tampering with reality
An exhibition comprised of four installation developed during the artist residencies by five artists at LABoral which shows us alternative ways of ...
Many good ideas are seeking to make headway at the LABoral Design Market
Many good ideas are seeking to make headway at the LABoral Design Market.
Design, produce and share. LABoral Design Market: a space for creators
Local design and manufacture go hand in hand every year at a new edition of the LABoral Design Market
A New Look at Architecture: The Re-use of Abandonned Spaces
The call for ideas "Architecture and Schools" aimed at teenagers for the re-use of disused spaces in Asturian mining areas emerges from the project "Learning ...
mapaSONORU: a project we can all listen to
What does Asturias sound like? Participate in the mapaSONORU project and upload audio files from your computer
The Sound Map of Asturias
LABoral and Juanjo Palacios develop the project mapaSonoru to awaken interest in soundscape, attentive listening and build a sound map of Asturias.
Two reflections on Learning from the Cuencas
Two exhibitions on the project Learning from the Cuencas serve as two reflections on the coalfields and its architecture.
The Asturian Artists’ Archive
Since 2010 the Mediateca_Archivo [Mediatheque archive] at LABoral holds the Asturian Artists’ Archive, an open and constantly updated tool serving artists, ...
The Mine and its Sound: in search of murmurs
La mina y su sonido [The Mine and its Sounds] is an initiative aimed at reappraising the importance of murmurs, noises and echoes. In this article we define ...
Interview with David Martínez Suárez, author of 'Inercia'
The winner of the sixth edition of the LABjoven_Experimenta award tells us what his project is about
Landscape in video
Thousands of videos flood the Internet and shape the vision of the observer when perceiving the landscape
Project – Process – Prototypes and Interfaces. Beyond Art and Technology
LABoral Centro de Arte will hold the seminar “Project-Process. Prototypes and Interfaces”, as part of the project “Beyond the Exhibition: New Interfaces for ...
Learning to View "Las Cuencas"
This 27 September sees the opening of Aprendiendo de las cuencas [Learning from Las Cuencas], an exhibition which is aimed at the sensitive recovery of the ...
LEV: From Theremin to Festival
L.E.V. Festival has had a resounding impact and a great success. We talked about the history of electronic music and interviewed the people in charge of the ...
L.E.V. festival 2013
This year I attended the L.E.V. Festival for the first time. In this article I will share with you what my impressions were and which performances I liked the ...



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