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LABoral has launched a steady music programme aimed at providing a space for the creation and dissemination of the most current, experimental and peripheral ...
"The language of information is more and more a militarized"
We interview Graeme Thomson & Silvia Maglioni on the occasion of their participation in the exhibition "Llega un grito a través del cielo"
The author as a producer: Fab labs
What can I learn/create in a fab lab? The history of fab labs, Spanish examples and what artists working with new media think about their usefulness
Flying at fabLAB!
An interview with Luis Díaz on the aircraft modeling workshops at fabLAB Asturias
Listening to transport (and travelling with its sound)
“Transporte” is this year’s project of the work group Mapa Sonoru with LABoral Centro de Arte
Under the shadow of drones
“Llega un grito a través del cielo” gathers works by twelve artists and artistic collectives of countries like Spain, The Netherlands, France or the United ...
The world of Alicia Framis: Interview with the Spanish Artist
Following the opening of "Llega un grito a través del cielo", we interview one of the artists participating in the exhibition: The Spanish Alicia Framis ...
When art has smell
The joint project by LABoral and the collection OlorVISUAL, has resulted into a non-conventional show that stimulates the sense of smell of visitors taking ...
Interview with the artist Nicolas Bernier
The Canadian artist Nicolas Bernier has been selected to develop a production residency at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial during summer. In an ...
Benjamin Weil: “Elastic Reality describes the complexity and instability of the real”
For a better understanding of the exhibition Elastic Reality, we interviewed its curator and director of LABoral, Benjamin Weil.
Hand-held by David Rokeby, one of the pieces in Elastic Reality
A brief analysis of the work by David Rokeby in Elastic Reality and all its implications
Interview with Maya Da-Rin, resident artist at LABoral
Interview with the artist Maya Da-Rin on her work "Horizonte de sucesos #Camuflage" on show at "Elastic Reality".
Reality: art and spectators
This article will try to explain which is the new role of the spectator through the example of two art works currently on show in the exhibition Realidad ...
Elastic Reality: an interplay between the real and the virtual
Ten different perspectives to approach digital culture through the virtual
If I can’t play, then this is not my revolution
Mercadillo LABshop presents this summer proposal related with nature, play and craftmanship
FICXLAB: the relationship between the most experimental film and visual arts
What is FICXLAB? What is intended by this initiative? What does it wish to show to the public? This article aims to outline the project and help in ...
AuLAB: Education based through discovery. The art centre as a tool.
In this article we present the various initiatives carried out by the Educational Department of LABoral that has been recognised for its great work both in our ...
fabLAB, the necessary kit for education and contemporary creation
On this occasion, I would like to deal more specifically with the qualities and features of fabLAB located at LABoral Centro de Arte (Gijón)
Brief introduction to 3D printing
How were the first 3D printers developed?  Why has there been an exponential growth in its domestic use? What printer types do we have at our reach to make or ...
DKV Seguros supporting Young artists
This year DKV Seguros and LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial have launched a call offering a production residency. The winner has been David Ferrando ...
What is a Drone? Technology at the service of contemporary art
Some thoughts on the current use of “drone” technology in the art industry
Looking at the clouds. Thinking of the cloud. About art, drones and the Internet.
On June 1 Sam Kronick carried out in La Providencia (Gijón)the action The eyes in the cloud, where he invited to reflect upon neocolonialism on the Internet ...
About alchemy, recovering a method
What does the artist David Ferrando Giraut mean when he refers to alchemy in the project “Prótesis discursiva (Una conversación alquímica)”.
Architecture and Schools: in search of projects
LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industral in Gijón with Valnalón Educa launch a new projects competition to transform spaces and elements in the Asturian ...
Educating about the Asturian landscape: the mine, sounds and architecture.
Interview with Lucía Arias, Head of the Education Department at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial
Decolonising the network, reconquering thought
The piece that Sam Kronick is producing for NextThings 2014 resumes the postcolonial debate with the current media
The magic of the Collection of Jean-Conrad and Isabelle Lemaître at LABoral
Some comments on the exhibition with Alfredo Aracil, assistant of BenjaminWeil, curator of the show
Interview with LCC at L.E.V. 2014
Interview with the couple of artists LCC at L.E.V., just before releasing their new album d/evolution, which they define as emotional
Do you still think that the Internet and the access to information is free of charge?
The art residency Next Things 2014 is awarded to Sam Kronic’s proposal to creatively alter the data flow that we receive through the wi-fi routers.
Collecting video art: Preservation, dissemination and passion for audiovisual works.
Ideas, notes and summary of the round table on video art collecting celebrated last April 12 at LABoral.



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