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Gijón in the eyes of Guillermo G. Peydró
The filmmaker and art historian, Guillermo G. Peydró, winner of the call Universo Vídeo, has completed a residency at LABoral during February. We have a chat ...
Artists in the lab
What advancements in art result from the use of science? "Materia prima", an exhibition in an experiment format to reflect upon the convergence of art, science ...
Recovering the sound
A reflection on sound, noise and contemporaneity in the context of the programme of FICXLAB.
Art experiments
True to its commitment to researching and disseminating in Spain the most current creative practices, LABoral Centro de Arte de Gijón opens the exhibition ...
Mercadillo LABshop: A Different way to create community
This last weekend a new edition of Mercadillo LABshop was celebrated at LABoral with the participation of fifty Asturian designers
Val del Omar. The unending cinemist
The exhibition "Val del Omar: la mecamística del cine" is open at Laboral until next January 10, a unique opportunity to discover the cinemist from Granada
On collecting and art patronage
Some thoughts on the importance of collecting and patrons of art in institutions and in the current artistic production
Val del Omar, a river whose joy is spilling over
A review of some of the reasons to consider the work of the cinemist amazing and an invitation to visit the recently opened exhibition at LABoral
Interview with Angélica Liddell: "My relationship with Emily goes even beyond feelings"
Interview with Angélica Liddell on the two pieces presented at LABoral
Free Software pushing the frontier of art
Free software is a widespread tool in contemporary practice. A good way to tap into these technologies is to attend a training workshop at LABoral.
Universo Vídeo: The Other Spanish Audiovisual Scene
An exhibition which aims to bring us closer to the different ways of creating contemporary Spanish audiovisual work that is more daring and creative.
(Ready) Media beyond Mexico
Now that the second phase of the exhibition (Ready) Media, we will review the topics dealt with by the artists and their meaning in the present in Asturias
Call LABjoven_Los Bragales: rummaging through history
The initiative LABjoven_Los Bragales takes the spirit of a former call that existed during six years between 2007 and 2012. That initiative, under the title ...
A few metres between art and science
On the occasion of the project “200 metros” by the artist Andy Gracie as part of his art residency at LABoral Centro de Arte, we review some of the ...
"Menhir" moves the mine to the exhibition
Interview with Coco Moya and Iván Cebrián about their project, "Menhir", winner of the grant LABjoven_Los Bragales. An interactive installation which carries ...
Next Things 2015: The world of wearable technology
The fourth edition of the call NEXT THINGS has taken place and the winning project has been `Environment Dress´, designed by María Castellanos and Alberto ...
Behind the screens
We analyse the work that the artist Martín Freire is developing at LABoral Centro de Arte as winner of the third Production Grant DKV Seguros - Álvarez ...
(Ready) Media: The exhibition of infinite readings
This article will focus on the exhibition (Ready) Media and we analyse the current role of “new” media curators
More electronic and more visual
A visit to L.E.V. (Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual) 2015. An event with much more than electronic music and visual pieces
Reasons for artistic education
Laboral launches the first Call for the production of an educational tool as part of its programme “Mecenazgo expandido”
Interview to the Asturian artist Elisa Cepedal
The exhibition “Ocho visiones de un paisaje que nunca se termina de hacer” has opened at LABoral only two weeks ago and among all the works the short film "Ay ...
Festival L.E.V. 2015: “The festival you do not want to miss”
On the occasion of the ninth edition of the Festival de Electrónica Audiovisual L.E.V., that will take place in Gijon on April 30-May 1 and 2, we interview ...
Cristina Ferrández and Amalia Ulman, in “Ocho visiones de un paisaje que nunca se termina de hacer”
Next March 18 opens “Ocho visiones de un paisaje que nunca se termina de hacer”, an exhibition around the Archive of Asturian Artists
Crazy about interaction
This post is intended to be a brief guide for understanding how artists, engineers and other stakeholders related with creativity and technology start ...
Interview with María Edwards, winner of the first call of the European Digital Art and Science Network
The Chilean artist discusses with us her first impressionas and her work after being awarded the residency
The Red Asturiana de Performance y Acción is an initiative of LABoral aimed at fostering research, reflection and performance practice in connection with the ...
What is a FAB LAB? What’s going on in there?
Where did the Fab Lab concept arise from? What goes on inside a Fab Lab? What research lines and objectives do they pursue? What type of projects can we ...
Concerts between music and art centres (LABconciertosII)
On the occasion of the imminent opening of the second edition of the music festival Black Mirror at LABoral Centro de Arte, I will take the opportunity to ...
Patronage, art and production
The aim of this post is to explain how some initiatives can continue go on thanks to private support
LABoral has launched a steady music programme aimed at providing a space for the creation and dissemination of the most current, experimental and peripheral ...